Roshd Group
It all began in 1979 in Yazd, located in center of Iran, when the group acquired «Azad Macaron», a small workshop that was one of the first pasta producers in the country. It produced handmade pasta using traditional drying method. After acquisition, the group expanded the workshop, purchased surrounding lands and turned it into a professional pasta producer.
At the end of the first phase of development plan, Roshd Group reached production capacity of four tons per day and became known as the first active brand in pasta production which distributed its products in Iran and some neighboring countries. At that time, bread and rice were the traditional and main meal of Iranian families and pasta consumption was less than half a kilo per capita. By setting up a campaign, that lasted for about six years and promoted Roshd Group as the first famous brand in pasta production, we managed to significantly increase pasta consumption per capita in Iran.
While for decades the leadership of the company has been characterized by consistency, we always make effort to redefine and redevelop our products as well as developing new products in order to meet changing consumer demands. This led us to research and develop introduce new products in different categories. In 1996, during the second phase of development plan, Roshd Group was introduced as the first company in Iran with its own registered R&D unit, and by launching the premix production line, we became the first Iranian cake mix producer compliant with national standards. By constructing a whole new plant and production facilities, and later in 2012, by employing the first and only fully automated and specialized premix production line in the plant, now Roshd is the market leader with more than 40 SKU premixes and dominating more than 74% of the market share.
Based on the high importance of family values in Persian culture, people used to enjoy their meal having quality family time together around the table. However, nowadays in the fast paced world, people have less time to cook and have family meals. Pursuant to its philosophy, Roshd Group has been striving to bring back these values within Persian families just like the near past. Thus, a whole new site has been acquired and expanded for savoury mix division, «Middle East Berentin Development». This project aims to produce different kinds of sauces, simmers, canned products, sides and ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals, so that families can use less time for cooking and spend more valuable time together.
Our Vision
We aim to reunion all family members again and evoke and sustain family warmth with Roshd products portfolio.
Our Mission
  • To make cooking and baking an enjoyable family experience
  • To provide our customers with the best natural and healthy nourishments based on the need of the present and next generations
  • To make it easy for our customers to cook and bake
Our Values
Commitment to our responsibilities for actions, products, decisions and policies towards customers, society and environment we serve
Creating opportunities every single day to learn, to share knowledge and experience, in order to advance further
Keeping our customers in mind in all actions we take and fulfilling their needs and wants through premium quality products
High Performance
Exercising the highest standards of excellence by taking advantage of teamwork, integrity, creativity and innovation
Honoring the rights and beliefs of our customers and stakeholders with the highest degree of integrity, respect, and trust without concealing the truth
These are the fundamental values shaping our essence aiming to guarantee our continuous improvement and progress. This is in fact the true meaning behind our brand, «ROSHD», which means «growth» in Persian